Short-term Study Program


Learning is Fun!

1 ~ 4 weeks Program for Overseas children

Day/Time: School days, 8.45 am ~ 3.00 pm

Age: 2~7 years old

Available during school days

Especially designed to serve Early Childhood learners. This program will benefit first time school goers, expats as well as parents of children with a long holiday away from their home country looking to socialize outside their immediate comfort zone. A child-centered, active learning approach to the curriculum will be the focus.

Who should attend

  • First time school goers : Those looking to try out the school’s program to identify whether it is suitable for their needs.
  • Expatriates : Those looking for a school on a permanent basis for their children during their stay in Malaysia.
  • Long haul Tourists : Parents with children on a long holiday away from their home country. Looking to have their children socialize and make friends outside of their immediate comfort zone.

Our programs

As our philosophy suggests, we believe that learning should be fun. Through this short 2 week program, we intend to prove this. Learning through play and make believe is the most memorable way to learn. The program will focus on each child and ensure they develop a feeling of confidence, self discipline, independence as well as a positive self image. Through this program, their listening and language skills as well as curiosity and understanding of the world will be developed too. As it is a classroom based program they will also learn to interact with others in a group situation, learn to respect others and build lasting relationships. We recognize that each child is different and unique and we look to provide each of them with these experiences.

“Sometimes, ‘said Pooh,’ the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” – A.A. Milne