KL International Kidsclub admission process begins with a tour and interview. This gives you an opportunity to become acquainted with our school and receive a personal orientation to the Kidsclub classroom. Our School Master meets with you and may meet with your child to ascertain your child’s readiness. It is our policy to consider each child’s admission and placement individually – regardless of race, religion, color, gender or national origin – and to admit each student on a four-week provisional basis. At the end of the four-week period, we talk with you about your child’s progress.


Registration Fee

Upon enrollment, a registration fee is required for each child and is renewable each spring when you register your child for the following fall program. Registration fees are not refundable.


Application Forms

For your child’s safety and to comply with state regulations, all KL International Kidsclub enrollment papers and health records must be completed before your child can begin school. These records and forms are kept in the school office and must be updated as changes occur in order to comply with licensing requirements. These documents are very important, as they also specify who is authorized to pick up your child from school, or who should be contacted in case of an emergency.


Tuition Policy

The tuition is based on a formula, which spreads the school year tuition over an academic year calendar. Like many other International schools, tuition may be paid on a term basis and is due and payable on the first of each term.


Arrival and Dismissal

The first few minutes of the school day are important, so we ask that the children arrive on time. If someone besides you or your carpool is to pick up your child be sure to notify the school in writing since we will not release your child to anyone without written permission.



Please mark all outer garments and belongings with your child’s name. School clothes should be washable, comfortable play clothes that encourage self-help. Properly fitting shoes are important. Sandals, thongs, Crocs, open-toe shoes and boots are not permitted. Clothes are available at school if changes are needed; please bring extra clothes if needed.



The school provides a nutritious snack and lunch served each morning and afternoon session. Please notify us if your child has an allergy or special dietary needs.



You are welcome to bring a birthday treat to share with your child’s group. Please schedule with your teacher one week in advance to avoid conflicts and to save the date.


Toys from Home

It is not advisable for the children to bring toys to school except on special sharing days or after consulting with the teacher. Sharing items should be brought in a bag, labeled with your child’s name and small enough to fit your child’s cubby.



Hand washing education is important to the health and welfare of children as well as adults. Children are taught how and when to properly wash their hands. Whenever your child is at home due to illness, please let us know. Do not send your child back to school until he/she is feeling well enough to participate in all activities. Children exhibiting greenish-colored mucous will not be accepted at school. With chickenpox or any other communicable diseases, we will inform parents of any cases in the school and will ask for parents cooperation in seeking treatment and altering school schedules when symptoms are suspected.


Special Information

Please keep us up-to-date of any changes, such as phone numbers.

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